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[Because I opted to log it]

Log Entry

Characters: Kyuubi and Duo Maxwell
Location: Room 204
Time: Halloween, afternoon
Event: Duo just wanted to cheer Naruto up with some soda, Kyuubi had other plans...
Warning: UH, non-con sex and some violence... lots of swearing... you know the drill.

mistress_nox_of_york: He was worried, some, at the other's distress. It wasn't normal for the little teen to be so frantic for so long. So he opted to check in on him, as per Reno's advisory. He brought soda with him, not sure if the younger had had it before, and had headed down the hall without being caught in the kitchen. "yoo Naruto, how ya holdin' up?"

xxwildwingboysxx: Oddly enough, there wasn't any reply at first - for Naruto, this really was strange, as he usually replied promptly when ever Duo stopped by. Instead of a resounding, cheerful shout that normally followed Duo knocking, there was a low sort of rustling sound from the room; then what sounded like claws against wood, clicking slightly; before a voice finally responded. It was both Naruto's voice and yet not - there was a low, growling sort of purr to his voice that normally definately was not present. "Better by the minute... won't you come in?" It was followed but a low, soft laugh that was definately not Naruto.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo quirked a brow at the reply he recieved. He put the two small bottles of soda under his arm and opened the door some. "You sure?... Sounds like you're gettin' sick..." he replied, looking puzzled, "Sounds like you're loosin' your voice, at least...."

xxwildwingboysxx: Naruto was sprawled on his bed, tails waving behind him and a low, very un-Narutish smirk spread over his face, eyes even darker than the day before; a deep, firey crimson, pupil slit and expression almost leering, ears twitching forwards towards the other. The room was mostly dark, the only light coming from the window, but it was enough to notice several differences; for one, the whisker-scars on his cheeks were thicker and more prominent. He laughed again at Duo's comment, a throaty rumble as he shifted and went up onto all fours, the movements much more fluid than Naruto's usual bumbling clumbsyness. "Trust me - I'm in the prime of health." Another low chuckle. "Care to see for yourself...?"

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo looked very uneased by the manner and expression Naruto bore, the little cheery blonde apparently not himself. He stayed near the doorway, leaving it open, eyeing the fox-boty warily with the soda now in hand. "Uuuh, I'll... take your word for it, I guess? I brought you soda..?" he remarked, taking just a few steps over.

xxwildwingboysxx: He chuckled again, streatching idly - it felt /wonderful/ to be able to do so. Being stuck in a cage, inside of a child for thirteen years... well, he wasn't about to let this oppertunity go to waste. Who knew when he'd get another chance...? "How thoughtfull of you. Naruto does love his sugar, dosen't he? Not that he needs it - he's hyperactive enough as it is." He stood, tails swishing idly behind him and gaze pinned on Duo, burning into him as he continued to smirk; nearly leering at him. Such a pretty little pet, Naruto had picked for his 'sibling'...

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo folded his wings to his back, continuing to look wary. Did he get himself into ANOTHER mess? Why did he have to be curious? Damn. He looked at him suspiciously. "You aren't him? Who are you?" he said, lowly, taking his steps back. He hit the wall and hoped to move to the door, slow and cautious steps. He could tell by the gestures that whatever this was had a primal nature

xxwildwingboysxx: "Mn... that's right. The brat didn't tell anyone about me, did he? Thought you'd all shun him if you knew..." He sneered, lightly. "Foolish brat. It probably would have assisted you now, had you known... ah well. All the more fun for me..." He practically purred the last, walking towards Duo casually, tails curling and waving lightly behind him. "I'll spare you explinations as to who I am, as I'm sure the brat will explain in full detail as soon as he's able - Kyuubi is enough." He smirked, showing a good deal of fang as he leaned in slightly, eyeing Duo appreciatively still as his smirk moved back to a leer.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo blinked, thinking in his head that he seriously wished the little blonde /had/ told at least one of them for such occassions. He glared, angered. "What'd you do with Naruto, huh?" he snapped. He looked angered. Should he flea and get help or stay and see what could be done? He knew he couldn't hurt that body, though. He stepped more towards the door, cautious and slow, eyes always on the fox-boy.

xxwildwingboysxx: "The brat's just fine, don't worry about him. You should be more worried about yourself..." He half-purred, eyes darting towards the door and then to Duo, one brow arching in amusement. "Thinking of running? Trust me when I say, pretty one, that you wouldn't get very far..." He purred lightly, tails swishing behind him and ears lowering, expression purely predatory now. "I'm not done with you yet..."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo shot the red-eyed blonde a glare. He was liking the situation less and less, pressing his hands to the wall and drawing in a breath, preparing to run when his plans were called out. "I can damn well try, if anything," he growled, taking another sidestep. "Well I'm done with you," he snapped, turning out the door and trying to make a mad-dash away.

xxwildwingboysxx: He chuckled, licking his lips as his eyes flared. "Mmn... wrong move, pretty one." He purred out, delighted; it'd been such a long time since he'd had a decent hunt... He shifted slightly, then sprang after Duo - it was a pathetically short chase, however, and he mourned the average human's lack of speed. How dissapointing... He tackled Duo easily, pinning him to the ground with his chakra-added weight. "Going somewhere?" He purred lightly, lowering his face to nuzzle Duo's neck lightly, licking lightly before nipping; relatively gentle, for him; once. "But the fun's just getting started..."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo grumbled at the weightness of the dark wings he had on his back. He hit the floor hard when he was tackled, coughing roughly, landing on his belly and squirming roughly. A snarl grew on his face and a struggle to his body as he writhed to get free before he regretted it. He flinched and blushed, growling a little in protest of it all.

Xxwildwingboysxx: Kyuubi shifted, distributing his weight more evenly. "Come now, hold still." He purred, eyes narrow. "Be a good little bitch and submit... it's been a long time since I've had the freedom to move around, and I plan to take advantage of it... and you are a pretty one. I'll enjoy using you..." Clawed hands stroked Duo's cheek lightly, laughing his low, husky growl. "I'm glad the brat makes such pretty friends. It makes it so much more enjoyable..."

mistress_nox_of_york : Duo disobeyed the request, squirming more harshly as the other evened out his weight. "Like I'll just submit? FUCK no!" he snapped, wondering why the other was so much heavier anyway, all of a sudden. He'd toted the boy before, why was he so heavy right now? He jerked his face away from the claw. "Where did he go?"

xxwildwingboysxx: He gave a low, amused growl as Duo squirmed, pressing down harder with his hips. "Mmn, so fiery... and that is the general idea." He nipped at Duo's neck again, inhaling the scent almost gleefully. He chuckled again at the question, arching an eyebrow and smirking. "Go? He's right here, as you can see... he just dosen't know what's going on right now. He'll wake up whenever I'm forced back down and this will have been like a dream to him - but a dream he knows really happened."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo grit his teeth, feeling his face heat, "Well I won't!" he snapped, growling. "Besides, you're just gonna do this in the hall? You don't think someone will notice?" he added, smirking, though he was sweating nervously. "Sick!" he snapped, trying to wriggle away again in a futile attempt.

xxwildwingboysxx: Kyuubi hooted softly, grinning as he nipped at Duo's ear. "Why? Does that scare you? Embarrased to be seen like this? Getting dominated by the brat? Because that's what anyone watching would see... you being dominated by the brat." A low laugh. "However... I'll give you that much. We'll go back in the room. Satisfied?" He nuzzled Duo's cheek again, shifting and scooping him up, tossing him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry effortlessly; something he should not have been able to do. One hand securely on his rear, the other holding his braid, he grinned ferraly to himself as he darted back for Naruto's room.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo growled and kept trying to fight. "No, but for his sake, and I guess yours, it'd be a dumb idea anyway," he growled, knowing they'd try to harm Naruto if they saw, thinking it was him and not this... Kyuubi thing. "No I'm NOT. GET OFF!" he shouted, kicking his feet as he was thrown over the other's shoulder. He kept fighting, kicking and punching the other, but he just couldn't wholeheartedly attack this body. He didn't want the boy hurt, he just wanted to kick the ass of whatever had taken him over.

xxwildwingboysxx: "Mn... I wouldn't say that. I have no problem with people watching... letting them covet what I have. You are a pretty thing, after all... one would be lucky to claim you." He purred/growled, smacking Duo's rear lightly as he moved back to the room, the kicks and punches minor annoyances but not much else; it was obvious his heart wasn't in it. He chuckled again; human emotions were such a unnessisary burden. He moved into the room, kicking the door shut and locking it behind them before tossing Duo lightly onto the bed, eyes narrowing and tails stirring. "There. Privacy. /Now/ are you satisfied? Such a picky thing... almost not worth the trouble." Ah well. He didn't mind a little fight in 'em - made things more interesing...

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo growled. "Just get off and stop GLOATING, dammit!" he said, not having been mad in a long long time. He didn't want this, this was a bad situation and would screw things up worse than they had been lately. He yelped as the hand hit his backside, blushing with frustration. He looked startled as the other locked the door. He cursed in his head. If he could just try to distract him, somehow. But what? Damn, his head was spinning. His wings spread and tried to flap, though it was sporadically, to knock the other away. Could these damn things come in handy?

xxwildwingboysxx: "Gloating? How am I gloating? I'm simply stating the facts... silly little human. You take yourself far too seriously." He snorted, moving towards the bed with the liquid grace that Naruto had never posessed. Raising one hand, he licked a finger idly, eyeing Duo specutively. "You're wearing far too much, pretty one. We need to rectify that situation..." He purrsed, flexing his claws idly and giving a fanged grin.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo just made a frustrated noise in response. He bit his lower lip, trying to think. Ok, he wasn't the best at tactics. He twitched visibly as his clothes were mentioned, folding his wings to his back again. "Are you stupid enough to keep thinking I'll just give in?" he growled, starting to move away again.

xxwildwingboysxx: He leered, climbing onto the bed and closing in on Duo. "Hardly. Still... it's more fun when they have a little spirit in them. Makes things more interesting... it's boring when they submit to you automatically, after all." He purred, eyes flashing as he drew closer. "Besides, I know I can overpower you, even in the brat's body, if only because I know how to use my chakra and you, sadly, do not." That, and the fact that puny human body or no, he was still the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He wasn't going to let some uppity human tell him no.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo growled again as the other kept talking like he was pray. He wasn't enjoying that talk at all. But he couldn't attack /that/ body. And there was that mention of that 'chakra' shit again. He'd need to pay attention to Wufei more often instead of spacing out next time. "Don't you even care about what might happen to me or him??"

xxwildwingboysxx: He blinked, arching an eyebrow. "Of course I care about him. If Naruto dies, so do I... about you? Not so much. It's not as if I'll actually hurt you..." He shrugged, careless, and flexed his claws again, reaching up and snagging Duo's shirt. "Either you take this off nicely, or it comes off in pieces." He purred lowly, trailing a sharp claw along the neck whole as his tails swished behind him, smirking lightly.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo grumbled. That hadn't worked. Apparently, the other didn't consider emotions at all. He pushed back and away from the other's hold on his shirt. "I told you, I'm not doing this!" he protested, head turning away, looking indignant. He wasn't a happy camper right now, that was for sure.

xxwildwingboysxx: He snickered softly, then reached forward and hooked his claw in Duo's shirt again; this time ripping a gash in the fabric. "You can resist all you like, pretty. I'll have you writhing for me soon enough..." The hand that wasn't currently working on divesting him of his shirt slid over his waist to cup the front of his pants, claws extanded and palm warm with chakra as he smirked smugly.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo made a small sound of surprise, trying to back off and away again. If he could get off the edge of the bed and rush out... something... because reasoning wasn't working. He blushed and swallowed roughly, drawing in a quick breath.

xxwildwingboysxx: It was a lost cause - Kyuubi had Duo exactly where he wanted him, now. Leering at the braided teen, he tore further down the shirt, his other hand rubbing provocatively, the heat from his chakra still seeping through his palm.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo fidgetted some, still trying to back away by instinct now. "Stop..." he muttered, before biting his lower lip, face turning a rosier pink than before.

xxwildwingboysxx: "No." He purred back mock-sweetly, continuing his ministrations; and ridding Duo of his shirt completely, several long, ragged gashes in the fabric from his claws. Pleased, he purred a bit as his clawed hand ran over the other's chest smoothly, claws tracing the features lightly. "You don't want me to, anyway." His other hand tightened, briefly, still moving. "The proof is right here..."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo looked angered again as his request was denied, whimpering softly as the hand cupping him squeezed. His teeth set and he fidgetted more, before finally opting to shove the other away. Fine, if he had to fight him off, he would... he just couldn't... hurt him. So he started to attempt to kick or shove or use his wings to force the other back away from him.

xxwildwingboysxx: 'Mmmn.. so spirited. I love it." He purrsed, eyes narrowing and tails flicking behind him as he shifted forward, resting more of his weight on Duo. "Keep fighting me, pretty one. It'll make it all the sweeter when I have you moaning my name..." His hand continued to work Duo expertly, a low, thrumming sort of growl in his chest as he leaned forward and started to apply his mouth to Duo's neck, nipping lightly with his teeth, leaning heavily on him to dissuade his escape.
mistress_nox_of_york: Duo made a ticked off face. He growled. "Stop it," he insisted again as Kyuubi kept at it, face fully shaded in pink, just squirming as the weight stopped his full-fledged fighting. He drew in a quick breath, swallowing several times, cursing in his head.

xxwildwingboysxx: "I won't." He responded, still smirking as he continued to work his hand over the front of Duo's pants, breath washing against the other's slightly damp neck. "You like it, don't you? You don't really want me to stop..." He chuckled, low. "I can make you feel better than any fumbling human lover ever could..."

mistress_nox_of_york: He found it harder to protest against the other when he was starting to have to fight his own body's reactions. He put his hand over his mouth, muffling a soft whine. He didn't want to encourage this at all, it'd only make his situation worse. "No I don't! It's not a matter of how it feels, it's a matter of what's right and what isn't. And this isn't..." he said, swallowing, though he knew the noticable shiver wasn't holding up his case that much.

xxwildwingboysxx: "Ah, that's right... you humans actually beleive in all that 'love before sex' stuff, don't you?" He smirked, rolling his eyes. "Such a pain in the ass. Why bother when you can get what you want without it just as easily? I'll never understand you humans..." He licked Duo's neck lightly, moving down towards his chest. "You complicate everything needlessly... why can't you just enjoy what's offered?" He pressed a little more firmly.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo swallowed. He couldn't really admit he followed that. He hadn't ever been with someone he loved. Maybe because the one he was in love with didn't feel the same. Or at least, this version of him didn't. He drew in a deep breath. "Stop..." he said, soft and giving up. He shuddered and tried to hold back another soft whine.

xxwildwingboysxx: "No. You don't want me to, and I don't want to - why deny ourselves something we both want?" He smirked smugly, nipping at his chest as the hand between Duo's legs paused in it's motion, reaching up to work on divesting him of his pants as well. Bah. Stupid humans - far too many layers. Pointless, irritating things, clothes... they just got in the way.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo glared some and swallowed, "I told you, because it isn't /right/," he grumbled, figuring it didn't matter what he said, but it was worth it to keep trying as long as the other was forcing him down with his folded wings stuck under his body. It wasn't like physical resistance had done much anyway. He drew in a quick breath, face going pink again, moaning lowly, trying to move his hands to push the other's face back.

xxwildwingboysxx: "Says who?" Was his almost cheeky responce, before he bit down again, tounge lapping at Duo's nipple as he broke the skin slightly - the coppery tang of Duo's blood making Kyuubi growl softly. Getting slightly frustrated with Duo's pants, he flexed his claws a little and drew back very slightly, licking his lips. "If you want to keep these pants, I suggest you remove them yourself; otherwise, there won't be much left of them."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo looked at him. "Says me," he said, nervously, feeling a little unnerved as the other bit him lightly. He drew in shuddered breaths and frowned as the other spoke again. He considered that walking out of here having a torn shirt and a ripped pair of pants to hold up would just be even more degrading than this already was. He sighed and unbuttoned his pants, glancing to the door and mumbling something unintelligible. The ONE time he wished Seishirou were here had to be now, because he was aware of the roomate situation.

xxwildwingboysxx: He chuckled again, licking his lips as his darkened eyes took in the sight while Duo unbottoned his pants, a satisfied rumble in his chest as he took over quickly, hooking his claws into the fabric; the damage would only be minimal; and proceeding to remove them completely. Claws traced up his thighs, eyes gleaming lightly once that was done as he leered. "You're quite the pretty one, aren't you...?"

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo squirmed some, feeling uneasy in his stomach. Christ, he just hoped... Heero didn't find out. As the other's hands were busy with his jeans, he squirmed and wriggled more to try to push himself upright and back away from the fox-boy. He flinched at the feel of the claws, biting his lips. "Stop it..." he plead, a little pathetically, feeling pretty hopeless as his legs started to kick again. "Get away!"

xxwildwingboysxx: In retaliation, his hand reached over and stroked Duo between his legs again, smirking as his eyes flashed. "No." He shifted, crawling back up the other's body, hoovering over the other and smirking as his hand continued to work. "I don't want to. And you don't want me to, either... the proof is right here." He squeezed, gently, claws running over it lightly.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo drew in a sharp breath, swallowing, biting his lip hard again. He held the sheets under his palms, a pleased noise leaving his lips before he shook his head and kept kicking. "N-No, stop it!:

xxwildwingboysxx:"Why? You want it... you love it, don't you? Little slut... my pretty little bitch..." Kyuubi purred at him, eyes gleaming demonically in the half-light [the only light source being the half-drawn curtains at the window] as he continued his motions, mouth going to Duo's neck again as he nibbled and sucked on the pale skin there, tails flicking behind him.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo looked down. "No... I... I'm not..." he muttered, looking away. He shuddered again, moaning low in his throat and cursing his body for encouraging this, head tilting to the side. So no one had heard... and nothing had worked... He gave a sad look to the door, pathetically hopeful that someone would walk by and hear or walk in or... something, anything. "Someone! Please!" he shouted at the door, swallowing once again.

xxwildwingboysxx: ... so noisy! "Is it really so hard to just accept what's offered you?" Rolling his eyes a little, Kyuubi raised his head - only to lower it to Duo's, claiming his mouth in a bruising, biting kiss. Honestly. Humans. Why, before he'd been sealed by the Yondaime brat, there had been countless bitches fighting each other for the honor of bedding him even once! This pretty, irritating little human should appreciate the gift he was being given...

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo gave an aggitated look. "It's not as simple as th--" he lips were caught and he squeaked as the lip-lock hurt. He swallowed and resisted pulling back. At this point, the less he fought, the less marks and wounds he'd have to hide but... his mind wasn't one of someone to just give up. He squirmed and wriggled and kept on fighting the other's advances. He was a soldier, dammit, he wouldn't just roll over and accept.

xxwildwingboysxx: He eased off a bit at the kiss, remembering a little late than he was only human; tounge coming out to wash, almost gently, over the bruised lips under his own. His hand continued to stroke and work over the other, pressing himself against him more firmly; he was still dressed, simply because he hadn't taken the time to undress yet, but his reaction was clear all the same...

mistress_nox_of_york: He made a soft whimpering noise as the other licked at the injury he'd made. He hesitantly leaned up into the kiss, moaning louder against the demon's lips, knowing he was close and regretting it. He.. wasn't sure how he could even face Heero after this. He realized the other probably couldn't care less but /he/ did. He felt his lips buck against the motions, but forced his hands still. He wouldn't show affections through holding the creature overtaking his 'sibling's' body, there weren't any. None other than a growing hate.

xxwildwingboysxx: He smirked into the kiss, keeping it semi-gentle as he delved his tounge into the other's mouth, hand still working. That was more like it... that was the reaction he wanted, no more of the pretty one's bitching... He rocked into the other a little, hand speeding up; let him reach his limit and pass it, making his more lax and submissive and easier to mount...

mistress_nox_of_york: He tried to keep his reactions minor for the sake of hopefully boring this 'Kyuubi' person. But as he cried out against the other's mouth as he climaxed, he berated himself in his mind at his body for betraying him. He had to pull back from the other's mouth, panting and feeling tears prick his eyes as his thin body trembled

xxwildwingboysxx: Kyuubi purred, drawing back slightly; still straddling Duo's thighs; and licking his hand clean, eyes flashing. "Delicious." He purred out, smirking down at Duo in a self-satisfied manner; he meant the moan as well as what Duo probably thought he meant. He shifted, casually stripping his own jacket off and tossing it aside, shifting slightly as he continued to eye the long-haired teen under him, smirking in the same predatory manner.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo bit his lower lip to keep it from shaking as his breath caught up with him. He was already starting to try his best to squirm out from under the other's weight as Kyuubi's hands were busy disrobing, thin fingers reaching down for the floor.

xxwildwingboysxx: A low growl escaped him and he dropped the jacket, hand shooting out and grabbing Duo's thigh, holding him in place. His still slightly messy hand; now slightly damp with his own saliva as well; shifted down and pressed against Duo's entrance, eyes flashing as he moved to lean over him again, pressing into him hard. "Where do you think you're going, bitch?"

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo cursed under his breath and continued to struggle, before the other pressed his finger into him roughly and he yelped, making a pained face. "I /t-told/ you already!"

xxwildwingboysxx: "That's hardly fair, is it? I'm /kind/ enough to give you release... and then you try to walk off on me." He half-purred, half-growled, eyes glinting with determination and faint amusement. Humans. Like he could get away now... Two fingers, now, squirming and scissoring inside of Duo as his eyes locked with the violet of Duo's. "You're not going anywhere."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo glared at the other weakly, one eyes still closed some as the pain passed, but they shut once more as the other finger was pressed in and he whined, clenching his teeth. The claws just made it uncomfortable and almost painful.

xxwildwingboysxx: He continued to streatch Duo, though he didn't plan to for much longer; Naruto certainly didn't have the same impressive size that he had had formally; unsuprising, considering, but still slightly irritating to him; and he wasn't going to waste any more time than he had to. Still... He shifted, leaning down slightly and nuzzling Duo's stoumach, inhaling deeply... then pausing and withdrawing his fingers, pulling back but still hoovering over him, eyes glinting. "On all fours. Now."

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo fidgeted against the hand, moving if he felt one of the long nails scrape or catch him. His face pinked and he glanced to his stomach, holding the sheets again. He glared then, in retaliation. "Stop assuming I'm going to listen to you! I won't! I refuse to! DAMMIT!'

xxwildwingboysxx: Kyuubi's eyes narrowed, releasing some of the hold on his chakra; it swirled around him more frantically, hot and red and raw as he leaned in closer to Duo, bearing his teeth as his eyes glinted dangerously. "/Now/." His claws flexed then relaxed, tails twitching in rythmn behind him as his ears laid back slightly. While resistance made things more fun, this pretty little bitch needed to learn his place...

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo backed up a bit, caught offguard. But he gathered his courage for the sake of the afterword and gripped the sheets under his fingers. "D-Dammit! NO!" he shouted right back, looking angry right back, but in his belly he felt a bubbling fear of the almost-feral looking usually sweet face staring him down.

xxwildwingboysxx: His expression twisted into a snarl as the chakra seemed to almost solidfy around him; forming a red, hazy outline of a fox around his borrowed body, eyes glinting dangerously and whisker-scars deepening, darkening. Kyuubi'd been patient up 'till now, simply for the brat's sake; he didn't want to seriously injure anyone the brat cared for, if only because he didn't want to have to listen to him bitch about it after; but his need was making any patience he had grow very thin indeed. "Now, bitch, or I'll have to get angry..." He hissed out, shifting slightly - the distinct outline of a fox in the chakra moving with him.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo's eyes went wide, feeling his body quiver with fear, gritting his teeth and struggling. "No! GET AWAY! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE!!" he started shouting, fight or flight reaction kicking in as he pushed and shoved at Kyuubi's upper body, focussed dead point on that form oh the other's chakra and it's overwhelming presence.

xxwildwingboysxx: He snarled, the hazy form solidifying further at the screams - and struck. A strip of cloth; torn from Duo's shirt; served as a gag, eyes narrowed dangerously as he pressed him down into the sheets, chakra sizzling around him. "Little bitch... almost more trouble than you're worth." He hissed, claws - elongated due to the chakra and his loss of temper - digging into his shoulders as he moved to roll him over forcefully.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo shouts continued, muffled by the gag, body still attempting to push or knock the other away almost through impulse. He shouted in pain as he felt the claws in his shoulders, , shoulders moving about frantically to get the claws out of their place stuck into his skin.

xxwildwingboysxx: A few quick movements and he sucseeded on rolling Duo over - though not without a lot of swearing and a few cuts to the skinny teen's shoulders and back. He pressed down into the braided teen, one claw hooking into the hold of his braid; almost vindictively; and snapping it, letting his hair flow free as he growled and leaned forward, biting down on Duo's shoulder, lapping up the small pricks of blood that welled up afterwards. Any gentleness and patiences was quite gone now, his chakra still present and angry.

mistress_nox_of_york: The teen bit down on the cloth in his mouth, little pains like that not being that much for him to handle. He made a pained noise as he was pressed into and his head was jerked with the motion of the band holding his braid in being snapped. He felt it fall on him and his moved his head so it wasn't in his eyes and face. He whined, feeling teeth sink in, shoulders trying to move again.

Xxwildwingboysxx: He released Duo's shoulder after a moment, mouth traveling down the other's back; paying atteniton to the two wings for long moments; until he reached his rear; he delivered a nip to the other's ass before sifting, straightening up again and linging himself up, hissing angry, lustfull little phrases as he did so, one clawed hand tangling in Duo's hair; stroking it, almost enthralled with it; as his other cluched at his hip, holding him in place.

mistress_nox_of_york: The wings fidgetted of their own accord at the touch, then settled again. He twitched and squeaked a little as his bottom was nipped and he gripped his hands to the sheets, moving his head in protest of the other touching his hair, not listening to the demon's words for his own sake. His hips tensed when one was held and he bit hard on the cloth gag.

xxwildwingboysxx: Kyuubi smirked darkly, running his tounge over the others' ear before he pressed in in one rough, swift move - then holding still, control holding out for the moment. "Pretty little bitch, all ready and eager to bend over..." He purred roughly, voice deep and husky.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo tried to jerk his head away in aggitation at the tongue, growling a little. He yelped against the cloth, biting down harder on it, fingers gripping onto the sheets. "L-Like hell I am!!" he shouted, muffled by the gag, to his displeasure.

xxwildwingboysxx: He smirked, eyes narrowed and still dark as he started to move, hips pressing in deep before drawing out and slamming back in, nothing gentle or soft about his motions whatsoever; just primal need. "You are, and you can deny it all you want..." He purred back, nipping and licking at the ear between thrusts.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo cringed in pain, teeth pressed as tight around the cloth as possible, focussing the pain on the fabric between his teeth and the sheets gripped in his fists. He cursed himself as he heard a moan leave him, glad that it could be snuffed out by the gag, refusing to support the possessor's act with any noise.

xxwildwingboysxx: The clawed hand in Duo's hair released it, finally, traveling down over his chest; leaving light scratches in it's wake, the chakra having simmered down slightly but still hot against Duo's skin; and down even further, taking him in hand and stroking roughly in time with his thrusts, crude, possessive murmurs escaping him between pants and soft growls.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo fidgetted, trying to get the hand away from his chest as he felt the light sting of claws trailing across his skin. He glared over his shoulder at the other, then shuddered as he felt the hand take a hold of him, moaning again, this time not able to keep his mouth fully clamped down. He was angry at himself for not being able to ward off his own reactions. Though,it was hard to fight something you didn't want when your body did.

xxwildwingboysxx: The moan brought forth a husky, purred chuckle as he pressed into him again, changing the angle of his thrusts slightly. "You love it. You want it. Don't deny it, bitch - you can't lie to me." He tightened his grip slightly, rythmn not breaking as he continued to move, smirking and nuzzling against his ear.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo fidgetted at the shift, shutting his eyes tight. The other was just egging him on in this. As if it wasn't horrible enough, the other was talking down to him like he was a beast too. "No fucking way!" he shouted, accompanied by a self-contradicting cry, feelign himself being pushed towards the edge again.

xxwildwingboysxx: "Yes fucking way." He responded with a hiss, slamming into Duo harshly as he continued to move, his own peak rapidly approaching. Normally his control was almost legendary - however, he was in a teenager's body and it'd been over a decade since he'd had any action. The fact that he'd lasted this long was impressive in and of itself...

mistress_nox_of_york: He jolted and shut his eyes tight, fists gripping the sheets tight at the harsh thrust. The spike of pain and pleasure made him cry out against the fabric, almost choking, as he orgasmed. He trembled, panting, not even bother to move his hair from his face as his head buried itself in the pillow near his head. It was harder to breathe, but easier not to have to notice the other was still there.

xxwildwingboysxx: He growled, low, when Duo came, his thrusts not slowing in the slightest - the tightening helped, though, and after a few more thrusts he buried his face against Duo's shoulder, biting down to muffle the howl that escaped him as his hips jerked a few more times, flooding Duo and 'claiming' him. He didn't move even when he was complete, a low, purring rumble in his chest as he rested against the long-haired male's back, nuzzling into his hair satedly.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo just hid himself in the pillow still, trying not to notice the pain and just focussing on coming down and hoping the other would hurry up and leave. Now that he felt weak, the pain was highly noticable and horrible. He jerked as he was suddenly bit down upon, squealing in pain against the cloth and pillow, swallowing several times as he blanked out the feeling of the heat flooding him and joining whatever else may be going down his legs and staining the creature's occupant body's bed. He lay on his belly as his knees gave out, growling low in his throat. "Get... get off me," he spat, muffled, voice apparently hoarse and worn out and still panting out air.

xxwildwingboysxx: He licked at the bite mark, still purring as he languidly obliged, raising his hand and lapping it clean idly - still purring. He loved to taste them, to taste the proof that they wanted him - and they all did, whether they admitted it or not. "Mn... that was enjoyable, pretty little bitch." He purred, shifting back and away and streatching languidly, throwing his clothes back on as he cracked his back lightly, arching. "We'll have to do this again some time..." He purred, tracing a hand over the curve of Duo's rear as he headed for the door - that had been fun, but there was more to explore... but first, a bath. Then... time to hunt.

mistress_nox_of_york: Duo smacked a fist to the bed, shaking. "Fuck you!" he snapped, not acknowledging him with a glance as he was insulted yet again. He only looked to the sheets, glaring and feeling his eyes tear up. God... what was he going to do now. He went to shout again but his throat was now sore and the gag made him only wind up coughing. His foot managed to weakly jolt and attempt to kick the blonde's hand away. He sighed, just tired now, too tired and sore to move as he heard the other leave. He wanted to leave, but he couldn't bring himself to move. With tears leaking from his eyes, and a feel of nausea in his belly from the whole event and having to lie in his own blood and other fluids that soaked the sheets, he drifted into an unsound nap, just thankful now that he doubted no one would enter this room and find him in this state.
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