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Eh, well... so I was feeling like crap a while there. Since Zax isn't 'round a lot, I've had the room pretty much to myself. Not sore anymore, and the scratches scabbed over, but I've still been sleepin' a lot.

I really haven't talked to anyone besides Reno and Tro... I... really don't think I'm up to it yet. Still a lil on edge, I guess.

-sighs and scratches the back of his head- I gotta find the kid, I guess.. see if he's ok. I mean, I don't hate him, wasn't his fault.. kinda hope I'm ok ta talk around him. Usually I can keep myself under control, but I guess I'm not so fit ta deal with THIS kinda situation.


Maybe I'll just go back ta napping for now before I try ta go see Keiji. Don't want the little guy to stay worried about me.
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