Pilot 02: Duo Maxwell (teh_shinigami) wrote,
Pilot 02: Duo Maxwell

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Oh man has this like... month sucked. Only good part is I am PRETTY sure Hee and I are official. Gotta get word from him on the matter, but, ya know. <3 Heh.

Anyway, yeah, I CAN'T LEAVE my FUCKING ROOM without a GUN. Those little bastards keep tearing up my feet so I have to fuckin' wear BOOTS to go to the BATHROOM. WHAT'S WITH THAT SHIT? I'd really like to get LUNCH without firing off a round to keep my legs in tact. HEY HOH, YA GONNA FIX THIS SHIT SOON?

Quatre's back! GO TROWA GO! MAKE YOUR MOVE 'FORE SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS CAUSE OF THE LITTLE CREEPY THINGS! He's ok, too bad he had to come back here! Least Tro won't be lonely, right?

This is as bad as those wicked pancakes I made last year! Shit man! I'm gonna keep hangin' in here till it's over. And so I can keep Hee from getting affected like half the house has.
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